Petr Anatolievich Chernobrivets.
Musicologist, composer, educator from St-Petersburg, Russia. Candidate of art criticism.

Petr was born in Leningrad, Soviel Union in 1965. In 1988 he graduated from N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov St-Petersburg State Conservatory, theory and composition department (now musicology department). In 1993 he defended Candidate’s dissertation on theme: “Stylistics and thematic character. With regard to functional analogies. On material of George Frideric Handel clavier works”. His scientific interests are problems in harmony, musical style, musical aesthetics. He is exploring alternative 20-tone equal temperament at present.

Petr Chernobrivets is an author of musical compositions for piano, chamber ensemble, chamber orchestra. He wrote scientific articles, book “Fundamentals of musical aesthetics”. A number of his author’s concerts took place in chamber halls of St-Petersburg.

Petr’s educational work began in 1986. Now he is an associate professor in the music theory subdepartment, N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov St-Petersburg State Conservatory where he teaches harmony and musical aesthetics. 14 musicology diploma theses were defended under his guidance.